Timber Wendy House Distributors

Timber Wendy House Distributors is a family owned business involved in manufacturing wendy houses. George de Flamingh runs the business. His father, George de Flamingh (snr) was the first person, in what was known as the Transvaal region of South Africa, to manufacture wendy houses.

The de Flamingh family have been involved in building wendy houses since the late 60s. The picture on the right shows one of the very first wendy houses to have been built in Pretoria. Although it looks very dilapidated, as the owner has not kept up regular treatment of the wood, it is still standing after almost 50 years.

In 1965, George de Flamingh (snr) built a walk in doll's house for young Wendy Jones from Lyttleton in Pretoria. During construction, the question regularly asked was "How's Wendy's house?", and the name stuck for this type of construction.

In the mid-80s, George de Flamingh (jnr), started building wendy houses with a veranda, cottage windows and corrugated iron roofs (rather than asbestos roofs). This structure was popular as an outside entertainment area and was known as a "bar hut". George extended this idea to a fully fledged living unit, with two rooms and a bathroom, known as a "overnight lodge". This eventually became the "hunter's cabin".

George sold the family business, Wendy Centre Construction, in 1994, but now in 2013 George is back in the wendy house business.

To date, George has built more than 35 000 wendy houses of all shapes and designs.

A wendy house built 50 years ago by George de Flamingh snr, still being used!